Welcome to SPEKT

We have supported many international businesses with their expansion of activities to the Faroe Islands. We know the challenges you might meet and we consider it our task to keep you away from pitfalls, unnecessary obstacles and costs.
SPEKT offers full service support and we will be pleased to assist you. Our dedicated staff can assist you with:

  • Auditing of your accounts
  • Financial reporting
  • Setting up your business
  • Bookkeeping and internal reporting
  • Payroll administration
  • Tax and VAT assistance

Feel free to contact Mirjam Haraldsen on theses matters directly by phone +298 233470 or e-mail: mh@spekt.fo

SPEKT løggildir grannskoðarar Sp/f

Staravegur 17
P.O. Box 3258 
110  Tórshavn
Tel +298 34 34 34
Fax +298 34 34 35